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Shekou Views - in and around Shekou

Shekou is constantly being modernised, with the old buildings being replaced  (some on the outside only) whilst others are removed and replaced  usually by modern high rise accommodation. With this modernisation, a  lot of the character that Shekou used to have has been banished to  memories and old photographs, although a lot of the small restaurants  and bars do remain. Skyscrapers now adorn the skyline, both residential  and business, such as the new Merchants Tower

   DSC_0166   IMG_0554

The second modernisation of Seaworld (the first one had flooding issues  and had to be demolished shortly after being built) no boasts a huge  range of bars, restaurants and shops, all built around the land-locked  ship and water fountain show (performed evenings on the hour)


There is a wide variety of hotels that have sprung up, Shekou now boasting  hotels from the cheapest all the way through to the Hilton (opened Dec  2014), or you can even stay inside the ship “The Cruise Inn” at the center of Seaworld.

DSC_0164   2241284-Cruise-Inn-Hotel-Exterior-8-DEF

The old Shekou is still there, shops catering for the tastes of seamen from the nearby port, and oil workers that used to pass through all the time on their way offshore in the South China Sea. However, the pride of Shekou is undoubtedly Seaworld......

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